Personal and Business Tax Return Advice

We can help small business and private individuals comply with their tax obligations. We will handle all aspects of accounting, tax returns and VAT on their behalf and file the correct paperwork with HMRC. This service helps you or your company manage impending tax liabilities.

Personal tax advice and self-assessment services

Our personal tax advice and self-assessment services ensures that you pay the money that you need to pay on all income whether from abroad or arising in the U.K. We can complete tax returns on your behalf and ensure that you do not pay more tax than necessary.

Business tax advice and related services

For small businesses we prepare accounts and offer a complete tax return service. We provide advice on VAT and tax, including establishing your tax liabilities, as well as when to make payments and how much you should pay. Our services will ensure you comply with tax obligations.


Revenue raised for Government coffers through VAT has been increasing in the last 30 or 40 years. Many businesses will need to consider the issue of VAT if a certain level of turnover is reached. Indeed the Government is looking at reducing the threshold limit to bring even more businesses into the VAT tax net.

Here at Watts Wender Morton we can advise you on when to register, various VAT schemes and complete the VAT Returns for you.

A complete expatriate tax advice service

Are you moving from the UK to another country? Or even returning to the UK after working abroad? Then you’ll need an expatriate tax advice service that really knows its stuff. We’ve been helping customers just like you for over 25 years to organise and structure their tax to comply with UK regulations.

Our expatriate tax advice services

We can help you to minimise UK tax on income earned abroad, we offer advice on National Insurance Contributions and entitlements to state pension, we advise on the tax position of your UK spouse, tax on income from lettings, investments and pensions, capital gains tax whilst working overseas, how to protect your savings and organise your inheritance.

Tax upon returning to the UK

Wondering about tax upon returning to the UK? We offer advice on tax clearance and re-entry to the UK, business and financial planning, mitigating tax liabilities and much more.

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